“Pecking chickens” Acrylic painting on cotton canvas 40 cm by 50 cm. Artist- Kinga Kubicz

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Acrylic painting on cotton canvas “Pecking chickens” 40 cm by 50 cm.


Painting that combines expressionism with impressionism and action painting. Modern artwork created in 2021. It is a painting of two chickens: a rooster and a hen. The rooster has fair color feathers and the hen is dark brown with a fair colored tail. They’re placed on a colorful background formed in circles painted of ivory, pink, red, purple and black with grey and pink splashes around.

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The painting “Pecking chickens” brings very positive emotions with its bright colors and the expression of brush strokes. The hen seems to be pecking the seeds in the garden and the rooster is walking very proudly protecting the hen and observing the territory.

This acrylic painting brings a lot of joy and positive emotions but also symbolizes a classic relationship between man and a woman, where the man is making sure that the woman is safe around him and they both feel very comfortable in their companionship and loving relationship.

This painting will bring joy to an art collector interested in modern art that brings a lot of meanings and soothing emotions. It will bring the feeling of peace and love to the interior. It will look great in the center of a family home. Its best place will be a kitchen, dining room or a living room.

It’s also a great gift idea for a newly wedded couple.


This acrylic painting is an original piece. It is signed and stamped by the author- Kinga Kubicz, and it will come with the Certificate of Authenticity.


Shipping by post, rolled in a cloth and put in a tube for protection.

“Pecking chickens” Acrylic painting on cotton canvas 40 cm by 50 cm. Artist- Kinga Kubicz
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