Landscapes of England “The Little Wooden Bridge” mixed media, 40cm x 30 cm, artist: John Trowsdale

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Landscapes of England “The Little Wooden Bridge”

How was it made?

The painting was finished in February 2021, title “The Little Wooden Bridge” size 40cm x 30cm cut from MDF 6mm depth panel board. The board was primed with Gesso, sandpapered to a smooth finish, then blocked in using acrylic paint to coat over the gesso. The board was then ready for over painting using oil.

Why this scene?

I had been hiking high in the mountains of the English Lakes, which is something I like to do often. High winds had buffeted me for most of the day on the summits, so as I descended the peak and out of the wind, it was a welcome relief to find myself in this scene of the painting. I sat down for a well-earned rest, I was at the foot of Burnbank Fell in the west of the Lake District National Park.

At the time, I had no intention of painting this vista, But for some broken cloud, it was an overcast day, the light was dull, a typical day in the Lakes. But it was so peaceful sat looking at this view, I just had to take some photos, the place was so calm, and quiet. The sound of running water from “Holme Beck” coming from under the bridge was the only sound to be heard. The stream, surrounded by long grasses disappears from view as it descends to the lake below. Pine trees, stand proud on the steep sided fell. The view looking north beyond the trees picks out Darling Fell with it’s unique patchwork of Heather and Bracken which adorn the hillside.

When I viewed the shots I had taken, I was inspired by the old wooden bridge crossing Holme Beck, I loved the fact that this bridge like so many, has had thousands if not millions of boots pass over it, in all seasons, like battle scars, slowly deteriorating it, but still strong enough to hold that weight and more. I wanted to capture the wear and deterioration in the painting, with splinted wood and moss weathered cut ends, these show many a hard winter have been endured.

Capturing the hard stone trail along it, in stark contrast, but at the same time joined as one. The bridge and path enables those boots to continue their journey through this stunning landscape. Who knows what’s around that next skyline. But this little spot will do nicely.

The connection

I hope a collector can connect to the scene, feel the tranquillity and hear that running water. One day, that bridge will be gone forever, to be replaced by new treated wood, but we now have it captured for long after it’s gone.

Landscapes of England “The Little Wooden Bridge” mixed media, 40cm x 30 cm, artist: John Trowsdale
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