“Samuel’s Mill” Mixed media on panel board. 40 cm by 30 cm. Artist: John Trowsdale

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Landscapes of England “Samuel’s Mill”

40cm x 30cm

How was it made?

The painting was finished in April 21, title “Samuel’s Mill” size 40cm x 30cm cut from MDF 6mm depth panel board. The board was primed with Gesso, sandpapered to a smooth finished surface, excellent for fine detail artwork, then blocked-in, a process of painting all the basic shapes of the scene using the appropriate colours to cover the gesso in acrylic paint and create a base layer to build on using oil paint.

Why this scene?

I wanted to capture this beautiful spot along the Peak Forest Canal in the north of England, which is quite local to where I live. I have walked and cycled this towpath countless times over the years with my family, and still fully appreciate while here, it’s Calming influence and natural beauty, which I hope the owner of the painting will pick up on and feel the peace and tranquillity. The canal and warehouse in the painting are steeped in history. The title “Samuels Mill” refers to  Samuel Oldknow who was a cotton entrepreneur in the late 1700s. He was responsible for the building of several cotton mills and warehouses around Stockport, Marple Bridge and Mellor in the north of England, and so I wanted to capture in my realism style the history in the different coloured stonework in the building and the repairs to the gable end. This was certainly a challenge for me, which contributed to over 70 hours of work to complete the painting

Samuel Oldknow was also a major sponsor in the construction of the Peak Forest Canal, which served as a way to transport his merchandise. In the painting, a narrowboat has just passed through one of the chain of 16 locks enabling the boats to descend/ascend 63m.

The overcast day is typical of mid-summer here, the light is weak and I tried to capture the dark dense #foliage along the canal towpath and the varied greens reaching out for light. On the right side of the painting, wall climbing Boston Ivy is in stark contrast to the dark overgrown privet hedge in the background of a slightly neglected garden.

Where to hang it?  

I think a collector of historic realist landscape paintings would appreciate this piece of work and would look good in any lounge or study along a classic theme.

“Samuel’s Mill” Mixed media on panel board. 40 cm by 30 cm. Artist: John Trowsdale
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