“Ferocious” Big Oil Painting. 121 cm by 151 cm


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Tiger oil painting „Ferocious”. A realistic picture- a close-up portrait of a tiger. The artist used natural colors. Dark shades are dominating in the painting. Tiger painted on the picture looks like it’s on a hunt.

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“Ferocious” Big Oil Painting.

Tiger oil painting created by very talented artist that specializes in realistic paintings- Adonis Acebes.

“Brave, Strong, Independent, Adventurous and Realistic” this is how the artist described his subject in “Ferocious”- The Oil Painting. It shows a kind of Strong personalities that someone once had and one wants, just like for example the artist experienced when he was a teenager. He sometimes was misinterpreted by manifestation these Characteristics which inspired him to paint “Ferocious”. It reminds him that once upon a time there was a boy who was stubborn but now change into a better person and manifest still this characteristic in efficient and effective ways.


The painting „Ferocious” is an amazing and realistic picture- a portrait of a tiger. The artist used natural colors. Dark shades are dominating on the painting. The background  is black with the shades of grey and green. The tiger is painted so realistically, it gives the impression that it’s creeping up on its prey. The tiger is shown very close-up. It seems to walk through the water so the drops caused by the movement are splashing around him.

The size of the canvas is as impressive as the picture itself.

The picture is as big as 121 cm by 151 cm!


This piece of art will satisfy every art collector that is close to nature, loves animals and wilderness. But also it is going to be  appreciated by a person who is strong in character and brave like a tiger. It would add a beauty value to a home interior, while placed in the main spot on the living room wall. It is also a good idea for décor in an office of a powerful businessman or conference room in headquarters of a successful company.

The painting is an original piece, sign by the author- Adonis Acebes.


Shipping through the Post Office as insured package, rolled in a cloth and put in a tube.

“Ferocious” Big Oil Painting. 121 cm by 151 cm
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