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PROMOTION MONTH!Our next artist promoted this month by Qbeech Art Gallery is Sujata Saha.

Our next artist promoted this month by Qbeech Art Gallery is Sujata Saha.Sujata Saha is an Artist and an Illustrator hailing from India. She uses the canvas to bring the imagination to reality. As an Illustrator, her work revolves around understanding the vision to bring out the characters to life. Her art is vibrant yet […]

PROMOTION MONTH! Kaelen Felix- book illustrtor

Our next promoted artist is Kaelen Felix.
Kaelen is a native of Saint Louis, Missouri, where she grew up in the Midwest region from the time she can remember. In 2018, she became a graduate of Memphis College of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration; after completing undergraduate school, Kaelen collaborated with remote authors interested in getting their children’s books published!

Kinga Kubicz- Guest Speaker at Impossible to Possible Women!

We are so happy to announce that Kinga Kubicz will be a guest speaker at Impossible to Possible Women: Turn Your Fear into a Profitable Opportunity Facebook Group supporting female entrepreneurs created by the business coach and published author from Texas, USA- Gwendolen Wilder! It is a unique opportunity for all female entrepreneurs to join […]

American Soldier, US Military Forces. Available only on auction! Sunday, 28th November ’21

Original painting of an American Soldier, US Military Army Forces, titled „RETURN FROM THE MISSION” The painting was inspired by the heroic work and lifestyle of any soldier or veteran of Military Forces around the world. On the canvas, you can see an American Soldier coming out of the jungle after a battle. You can […]

Sold painting. Amazing painting no longer available

We are happy to present another sold painting. This painting has been SOLD already, but you can order a similar one custom-made just for you! In Qbeech Art Gallery we are cooperating with a selection of artists. You can see their galleries and choose which style is the closest to your liking. We can make […]

Here comes a charity auction like never before!

A charity auction organized for the International Children’s Day. Only now you have a unique opportunity to bid for something inimitable and one of a kind: the original portrait of Graham Masterton (the only copy of its kind in the world!) And the opportunity to have your name used in the next book written by […]

New fantastic artwork by Adonis Acebes!

Here’s what’s happening right now at the atelier of Adonis Acebes. He’s working on another amazing artwork inspired by few of the most famous artworks of all times: “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo Da Vinci, “Scream” by Edward Munch, “Comedian” by Maurizio Cattelan, “Melting Clocks” by Salvador Dali, “There is always hope” by Banksy, “Starry Night” […]

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