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Here comes a charity auction like never before!

A charity auction organized for the International Children’s Day. Only now you have a unique opportunity to bid for something inimitable and one of a kind: the original portrait of Graham Masterton (the only copy of its kind in the world!) And the opportunity to have your name used in the next book written by […]

New fantastic artwork by Adonis Acebes!

Here’s what’s happening right now at the atelier of Adonis Acebes. He’s working on another amazing artwork inspired by few of the most famous artworks of all times: “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo Da Vinci, “Scream” by Edward Munch, “Comedian” by Maurizio Cattelan, “Melting Clocks” by Salvador Dali, “There is always hope” by Banksy, “Starry Night” […]

Magdalena- new artist joined our gallery!

We’re very happy to announce another new artist joining our team. This time it’s a young lady from Poland, Europe. Her name is Magdalena Fidor. She specializes in creating art using watercolor paint. Her favorite topic of art is nature in any form. God’s creation inspires her the most! Her style is very light and […]

Military paintings collection- news.

Today I would like to present a sneak peak of my collection of paintings that I am currently working on: My nature is such that I have a millions of different ideas that I absolutely need to implement right away! That is why I am currently in the process of creating as many as four […]

Another talented artist has joined our team!

Yesterday I had the pleasure to announce a new artist in Qbeech team on our Facebook page, and today I can officially introduce him! His name is Adonis Acebes and he lives in Philippines. Despite his young age, he has many years of experience as a painter and is appreciated by art lovers and collectors […]

New pictures inspired by Air Force!

Recently, I am in the phase of creating military art. Now I’m inspired by the air force in particular. I’m in the process of creating a series of paintings in which helicopters and military planes play the main role. Currently I’m creating three paintings from this Air Force series at once. The first picture (I […]

A new series of paintings inspired by military

I just started to create a new series of paintings. This time I am inspired by Military, especially the Air Force. The new series of my paintings will be devoted mainly to military helicopters. The Boeing AH-64 Apache helicopter was my first choice. Its silhouette slowly begins to emerge in the painting. The AH-64 Apache […]

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