Magdalena Fidor

My name is Magdalena Fidor, I’m from Słupsk, Poland and I and sign my work under my actual birth name Magdalena Fidor.

I find inspiration in many places. I’ve traveled to UK, Croatia, Hungary which has influenced my artistic style and growth process. I create art because visual creativity can express more than words. My passion is nature and beauty on its own. I specialize in Aquarelle paintings of landscapes like sea, forests and portraits of animals. I focus mostly on colors and catching the shadowing and light. I also enjoy working with Acrylic painting and sewing.

My art style is Something between fairytale and realism. I am motivated by Nature and God. I’ve been creating art for 25 years. My favorite artist is Monnet and I find his work to be very inspiring. When I look at his works it fills me with lots of joy. Every piece is a masterpiece of colors playing with light and something else, that to me feels like a dream! I connect with the art community by the internet and social media. My work has shown at private homes, education institutions and online gallery.

When people see my work, I hope they experience Happiness and Calmness.

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