Kornelia Brodzik

Kornelia Brodzik, an artist from the vicinity of Słupsk, currently lives and works in Bolesławiec, south of Poland. She studied at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, but the passion of painting has always accompanied her. This is why, one day, she decided to quit her full-time job and devoted herself entirely to her true passion- art.

Soon it turned out that it was a very good idea, because her paintings became very popular among art lovers and not only! All because Kornelia dedicates her paintings to car lovers and the broadly understood automotive industry enthusiasts.

Hand-painted oil paintings of vintage cars turned out to be a big hit among automotive enthusiasts and art collectors both in Poland and abroad. Her paintings can be found in private collections in places as far away as the United States and Hong Kong, but also in Germany and of course in Poland.

This is what Kornelia says about her work:

“My mission is to create an image of a car that will make its owners happy. An image in which they will see a part of themselves, their dreams: those to be fulfilled and those already fulfilled. At the same time, I want each painting to blend in perfectly with the interior in which it is to be placed.

I am a self-taught artist who constantly strives for perfection. Soon, I would also like to create a space for art lovers and automotive enthusiasts to be able to experience my works personally in a stationary art gallery.”

We invite you to get to know the artist’s portfolio and to contact us by e-mail or via the Facebook page if you’d like to order a custom made painting of any vehicle. To see the current offer of ready-to-buy paintings, please visit our store.

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