Kinga Kubicz

My name is Kinga Kubicz, I’m from Słupsk, Poland and I sign my work under the artist name K. Kubicz.


I find inspiration in many places that I have traveled, such as Ireland, England, Germany, Sweden, United States of America and of course my home country- Poland, which has influenced my creative style and process.

I create art because I fell in love with it, especially painting, when I was very young. Art gives me happiness that I can share with others. Painting is very inspiring and brings positive energy. I specialize in Acrylic paint, color pencils and graphite sketches. I focus on the expressions and positive emotions while painting abstract paintings. I also focus on details and colors when I work on realistic pictures. I enjoy working with other artists, sharing the experience and helping to grow and develop art and marketing skills… I am happy to help spread other people’s art and cooperate.


My art style is a mix of abstract modern painting styles with classic realism. Portraits of both people and animals are frequent subjects of my paintings, and I love to mix realism with action painting. I’m motivated by positive responses from the people who see my artworks. My closest friends are my motivation to create art. I’m mostly thankful to my partner who always believes in me, but most of all I am thankful to God for giving me talent and love to the beauty of His creation.

I’ve been creating art for 30 years. My favorite artist is Witkacy and I find his work very expressive. I love his general style and the impact that his art was and still is making on art lovers of many generations.


To connect with the art community I use the website I am also active on social media such as Facebook, Instagram etc. My work has been shown so far at local exhibitions, on the internet galleries and social media, and my goal is to reach art lovers all over the world.


When people see my work, I hope they experience lots of joy. I hope that my art can show people a happier side of the world. When they see my art, I want them to feel ecstatic and enjoy every drop of paint that I’ve splashed on the canvas.

Apart from creating modern art, I’ve had years of experience in engineering. I released numerous authorial interior design projects which are appreciated both in Poland and by foreign customers, mainly from the United States of America and the Middle East.

I’m a laureate of several art competitions, and I was an author of scenographies for amateur theater plays.


I accept individual orders. It is also possible to purchase ready original artworks or prints (copies) of paintings on canvas or in the form of a poster of a chosen size.

Original paintings are cataloged and numbered. Each of them is originally signed by me and has a stamp that proves authenticity. Additionally, the painting is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity with the signature and a wax seal.

In the near future I plan to release a limited  collection of clothing fashion inspired by modern art.

Feel free to view my  gallery and to follow the news about my creations on facebook and instagram.

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