John Trowsdale

Hi there, my name is John Trowsdale, a semi-retired printer, and self taught artist, pursuing the goal of creating work which is admired and displayed with pride and pleasure.

I’ve always had a passion for painting, working with watercolour in my 30’s and 40’s, while bringing up a family, with very little time or space to work from home. Now semi-retired in my late 50’s and now working from a studio, I can dedicate all my time to my love of art.
In the last 4 years I have gone on to specialise in a mixed media of acrylic and oil, which has helped advance the level of detail in my style of painting.

My inspiration to paint comes from a love of nature and the great outdoors.
Landscapes, and anything in them, for me are so satisfying to paint and I guess has influenced my creative style and process over the years.

I create art because I love bringing a painting to life and the challenge of achieving it in the style of realism.

When people see my work, I hope they are drawn into the scene and see the beautiful connection between nature and man-made integration all around us, and are absorbed by the painting itself.

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