Military paintings collection- news.

Today I would like to present a sneak peak of my collection of paintings that I am currently working on:

My nature is such that I have a millions of different ideas that I absolutely need to implement right away! That is why I am currently in the process of creating as many as four paintings from the military series simultaneously! Military paintings have been lately the main theme of my projects and I sincerely hope that as soon as I finish them, they will be liked not only by men who like military gadgets. I wanted to create a series of military pictures, because not often people associate the army with art, and I think that these two areas have a lot in common! Above all, discipline and organization. Both the creative author and the soldier must apply these values ​​in order to do their job properly. Besides, I am personally fascinated by military equipment and I enjoy transferring images of machines used by the military onto the canvas.

This is how some of the military paintings I am working on look like today. None of them is finished yet and I still have a lot of work to do, but I think that soon I will be able to present at least two of them in their full glory, because I already have at least a dozen new ideas in my head to implement and I can’t wait for them to be captured on paintings.

I’m painting all of these pictures with acrylic paints on cotton canvases and I am using a mix of different techniques to make the final results to be a combination of abstraction and realism.

This collection is not only about military gadgets designed for representatives of military services and soldiers. Military art can be admired by both men and women of many interests and professions.

I think that after completing the creative process, my military paintings will make happy this art lovers, for whom especially masculine values ​​and attributes such as strength, bravery, commitment and courage as well as patriotism are important.

-author: Kinga Kubicz.

Military paintings collection- news.
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