New pictures inspired by Air Force!

Recently, I am in the phase of creating military art. Now I’m inspired by the air force in particular. I’m in the process of creating a series of paintings in which helicopters and military planes play the main role. Currently I’m creating three paintings from this Air Force series at once. The first picture (I presented it in the previous post) shows the Boeing AH-64 Apache helicopter. The second painting is presented in the photo below – it will be an image of Bell UH-1 Iroquois helicopter and a marching soldier.

This is just an outline of the picture that will be created, a lot of work is still ahead of me.

The next one, which I will probably present here soon, will be the General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon plane. I only have the background ready and the blur outline of the aircraft.

When I paint a picture with acrylic paints, I learn patience and confidence in my workshop and talent. The final version of the painting I have placed in my imagination is never immediately visible on the canvas and sometimes I wonder if I can cope with the task. Each painting means putting many layers of paint, many corrections and sometimes weeks or months of work! I have always liked to create portraits of people and animals, but painting machines is new to me and it involves learning new techniques and introducing with new ideas. I can’t wait for the final result of each painting myself!

When painting a series of military paintings, I use my characteristic style of combining elements of realism, abstract expressionism and pouring. I love to play with color and different techniques. I put my whole self into art, so I am all the more happy when others like my paintings.

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New pictures inspired by Air Force!
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