Adonis Acebes

A young artist from Camiguin, Philippines.
He specializes in acrylic and oil paintings
and focuses mainly on portraits and landscapes.
He calls his art style Adonism, which means True Beauty.
He’s inspired by God and His creation
as he sees it as an original and perfect art itself.

Kinga James

Polish artist from Słupsk, travelling and creating all over the world, in love with art, especially drawing and painting, from the earliest years of her life. Witkacy’s painting work had a huge impact on her imagination. She uses acrylic paints as her main medium, but she also makes pencil and crayon sketches. She often chooses portraits of both people and animals as the frequent subjects of his paintings.

Chetan Goud

An artist from Hyderabad, India. His motivation and inspiration to create art is his father and his favorite artist is Picasso. He specializes in figurative art. Works with acrylic and oil paints, colour pencils, inkpen and acrylic markers.
His style is modern contemporary art and primitivism.

John Trowsdale

John is a semi-retired printer, and self taught artist, pursuing the goal of creating work which is admired and displayed with pride and pleasure. He lives in a small town in England called Romiley.

He’s always had a passion for painting, working with watercolour in his 30’s and 40’s, now he enjoys creating art by using mixed media of acrylic and oil.

Kornelia Brodzik

Kornelia Brodzik, an artist from the vicinity of Słupsk, currently lives and works in Bolesławiec, south of Poland. She studied at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, but the passion of painting has always accompanied her. This is why, one day, she decided to quit her full-time job and devoted herself entirely to her true passion- art.

Rajani Gowtham Guggilam

I find inspiration in many places and have traveled to Beautiful Rocky Mountains in and around Colorado. National parks and trails in the USA. I am inspired by the architecture of temples in India. Nature trips in India which have influenced my creative style and process.



We accept orders individually. Selected works can be purchased
in original or in prints (copies) of canvas paintings or in the form of a poster in any size.


Our first artist that is going to be promoted in Qbeech Art Gallery is a published author- Allistar Banks.
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